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Oliver Rappoport/Flor di Castro 

Estados de la Memoria (2011) 

for piano and video

Alberto Bernal

Impossible Translations #4 "Suite"(2013)

for piano and video

(neo)liberal systems #4 (2021)

for performer and tactile device

Luis Codera

Albedo (2014)

for piano and electronics


Manuel Rodríguez Valenzuela 

Ungebetenes Spiel (2015)  

for amplified piano  


Toccata à l’Acte (2015)  

for hapsichord with delay pedal  


Le Piano Engloutie (2015)

for prepared piano and whammy

and reverb pedals

FOTO 2.jpg

Raf Mur Ros

Play/Rewind (2015)

for prepared piano, video, cassette

recorders, radios and assistent

P115-U (2019)  

for piano 4 hands, keyboard,

pad controller and electronics

Edu Comelles/Román Torre

Deep Ressonance (2017)

Audiovisual performance for prepared piano,

electronic sounds and generative visuals

Núria Giménez Comas

De profunditat (2018)

for piano


Ferran Fages

From grey to blue (2018)

for piano

Laura Casaponsa

Perfect Isolation (2019)

for piano 

Raquel Garcia-Tomás/Pere Ginard

Tangible (2011/19)

for piano, tape and video


Pablo Carrascosa

L4DL4 (2021)

for piano

Óscar Escudero+Belenish Moreno-Gil

[BIO] the work about your pianist life (2018-21)

for pianist+keyboard, electronics and video

Juan José Eslava

De Cerca (2022)

for piano

Hèctor Parra - Arnau Pons

Constellations (2020-21)

concert poétique d'après les Constellations de Joan Miró

for piano 4 hands and objects

Núria Giménez-Comas

Més enllà de la Presència - 

Beyond Presence (2023)

works for voice, piano and electronics


Reprocessing.... Piano & AI

a collaborative improvisation

between the human pianist

and AI system (2023)

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